Examining Factors Affecting Screening Behaviour of Prostate Cancer



Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancers among men. The screening process for prostate cancer is worldwide accepted, the main concern about the screening process is the harm outweighs the advantages of screening. African American men have the highest rate of prostate cancer and mortality across the world. In comparison to African American, Asian men have a lower rate of prostate cancer. The main purpose of this study is to determine possible factors that affect screening behaviours among Asian, black, and ethnic minority men.

Thematic analysis and systematic review of different qualitative studies on the perspective of black, Asian, and ethnicity minor group’s men prostate cancer screening has been collected. In order to conduct this study, electronic databases and reference lists were critically searched until February 2023.

A total of 10 studies were included in this review among these studies 8 were from the US, 2 were from the UK, and 3 were from Asian countries. Results have shown that African American males more than 50 years old have increased positive health values. These individuals were more likely to achieve prostate cancer screening. It has been also found that less than a 40% uptake rate of prostate cancer screening among Asian Ethnic minorities. Language issues, health literacy, limited access to health data as well as screening services, and cultural issues were the primary barriers to the utilization of cancer screening.

It has been seen that men are interested in participating in the screening process for prostate cancer in order to prevent cancer if they are promoted through their social networks. The findings of this study have revealed crucial information for both health professionals and policymakers in order to properly understand the needs of Asian ethnic minorities. The findings of this study have provided the significance of health values, education, and screening intervention for “younger African American men''.

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