Significance of two-way Communication in the Business Organisation



One of the most critical aspects of a business organization is maintaining an effective relationship between employees. Two-way communication enhances the condition of work effectiveness and helps in the future development of the organization. Apart from interaction with employees, two-way communication is also essential for handling effective relationships with stakeholders. Using an appropriate two-way communication approach helps the organization's management team send messages to internal as well as external stakeholders. External stakeholders are also able to send back information to the management team and employees of the organization. Two-way communication is an essential element, and it plays a vital role in the interchange of information. It helps to enhance transparency within the organization and maintains the knowledge flow. There are two types of two-way communication present in the organization: horizontal two-way communication and vertical two-way communication. The vertical two-way communication conducts when the data and information are exchanged between subordinates and superiors (Williams, 2020).

On the other hand, horizontal two-way communication occurs when people with the same position communicate. For example, in horizontal two-way communication, the product manager of an organization can provide a purchase request to the purchase manager, and the purchase manager sends feedback to the product manager. In order to achieve advantages in the competitive market, organizations must implement an effective strategy of two-way communication (Williams, V., 2020). Using this strategy, the management team is able to motivate their team members to maintain a healthy working culture. This type of communication in an internal environment enhances employee engagement and increases their strength.

Based on the information of a research paper, it can be said that teamHub is one of the most effective solutions to achieve two-way communication (Dolamore et al., 2021). It helps leaders of an organization to share their success stories among employees through the mobile application. This application is very cost-effective and the fastest way of implementing internal two-way communication. Ineffective internal communication is related to low employee engagement, performance, and motivation. Apart from these, poor internal communication provides a direct negative impact on employee experience. Inefficient internal communication harms the relationship between higher authorities and employees. It also reduces productivity, which reduces the organization's revenue. In order to develop an effective two-communication in the internal environment of the organization, it is essential to follow four steps such as 1) plan, 2) focus on the audience, 3) allow sufficient time, 4) take feedback, and 5) regularly check. Based on the information from multiple research papers, it is clear that two-way communication is better than the top-down approach in order to improve employee engagement (Nawaz, 2020). These days, most organizations follow teamwork and collaborative approaches with their leaders. The two-way communication helps in this process, and leaders are able to maintain transparency. Apart from internal communication, a two-way communication strategy also helps the external communication of the organization. Any organization's customer relationship management team should integrate two-way communication to develop a healthy relationship with customers. It will not only enhance customer engagement but also provide a positive impact on sales. In order to maintain two-way communication with customers, the management team can take help from social media platforms. Multiple methods help in two-way communication, such as polls, NPS, surveys, etc (Dolamore et al., 2021). These communication methods play a vital role in understanding customers' perceptions and help understand the purchase behavior of the target audiences. Using multiple approaches of two-way communication, the customer relationship management team can resolve customer issues that play an essential role in customer satisfaction. There are multiple aspects present in customer support, such as social communities, web assistance, human service, etc. According to the information in the research paper, it can be said that human service is most effective for customer support and can be achieved through a two-way communication system. Face-to-face communication is the traditional way of two-way communication, but in this covid-19 pandemic, situation organizations take the help of software to maintain the efficiency of the communication. Using two-way communication, the sales team of the organization can understand the expectations of potential customers. It also helps to increase the loyal customer relationship and boost customer advocacy. From a research paper, it is clear that a 5% increment in customer relations can increase the 95% of profit growth. Apart from this, two-way communication brings visibility to the organization (Nawaz, 2020).

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