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Woolworths Supermarket is a well-established supermarket chain in Australia, with a presence throughout a substantial portion of the country's industrial background. This report will illustrate the many characteristics and repercussions of globalisation on businesses. The business's history, present operations, tenure, intriguing facts, and basics of future approach have all been described in detail (Woolworths Group Ltd., 2021). The study focuses on Woolworth's operations and supply chain procedures, with a focus on how successfully they have (or haven't) dealt with the pandemic's issues and what they may have learned that might help them be better equipped to deal with a highly disruptive event in the future. With so much information, it will be easier to provide a clear and complete picture of a broad range of organisational criteria. Condensing content from several credible sources resulted in the creation of several sections. Operations management is a critical component of a company's organisational structure, translating inputs and raw materials into a recognisable physical produced product for customers, as in Woolworth's instance. Productivity is significantly influenced by internal organisational structures. Oversees the integration of general operations systems, manufacturing operations, and people to manage productivity via operational factors. The supply chain connects operations related to the transfer of raw materials and the creation of the end product to offer customers tangible things to buy. Consumer demands are met in-store, ensuring that stock is taken care of on a regular basis to keep the supply chain moving smoothly into the shop (Parliament of Australia, 2020). This may range from production planning to customer service, which is both easy and effective. By supplying services and commodities that meet client expectations, the value chain increases consumer value. Operational management establishes an internal structure that team members must follow in order to meet the organization's objectives (Woolworths Group Ltd., 2021). They determine the talents and resources available to the organisation in order to enhance the final goal's development. Value chain management is used by Woolworths Group Ltd's operations management system, which evaluates existing skills to see whether the value is required. COVID 19 boosted sales, but it also had a huge influence on the supply chain, hurting customer happiness and availability.

This industry comprises companies selling electromagnetic building supplies, cabling components, electrically fluorescent fixtures, lamp bulbs, and/or electric energy equipment for generating electricity, transfer, delivery, or management. Graybar Canada distinguishes itself via technologies for telecommunications, data, robotics, and security mechanisms. Wholesalers may provide real-worth assistance including technological consulting, employment services, trying to arrange for product lines to be customized or fixed, organizing special financing proposals, or supplying overnight distribution centers for premium brands in addition to purchasing, auctioning, and transporting products among manufacturers and vendors. Due to financial challenges, the sector experienced small declines in 2020 but has risen significantly as Covid increased residential construction initiatives in 2021. For each company in whatever field, innovation is the key to success. A good digital culture encourages managers to experiment with and adopt innovations in the organization. Cultural creativity also enables a corporation like Graybar Canada to comprehend its many consumer kinds and its demands and to develop appropriately. It also guarantees that employees participate in the industry's workflow. The virtual strategy can also be used for marketing or employment.

The retail business is fast gaining speed to give favourably to the overall perspective as a result of continuous economic and social advancements, including vigorous economic growth, growing buying power, and expanding population. According to, Australia's retail business will expand by 2% during the next five years, from 2013 to 2018. (2017). Given that Australia's retail business is the second smallest in the Asia Pacific (ASPAC) region, such a pace of growth suggests that the industry needs significant improvement (Veselovská, 2020). The country's condition market is very volatile, suggesting that a major uptick or downtick might occur at any time. Low loan rates, along with a rise in people's discretionary income, could assist the industry flourish more swiftly. Regardless of the industry's slow development, trading has done well, especially internet sales, which have increased significantly in recent years. Since low lending rates and the development of household credit promote consumers to splurge, the industry has turn out to be more price-economical while offering buyers the most accessibility (Powell, 2021). Woolworths Group Limited, Australia's well-known food and grocery retailer, was founded in 1924 and opened its first shop in Sydney three years later, during the Great Depression. Introducing the well-known "Fresh Food People" campaign, which debuted in 1987 and quickly became a publicly re-listed stock market in 1993, obtaining "96 percent of all fresh fruit and vegetables and 100 percent of fresh meat" (, n.d.). With more than 215,000 workers nationally, Australia's second-biggest food and stapling chain are currently regarded as one of the country's major food and stapling businesses. Woolworths (WOW) has a share price of $39.63, according to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX - WOW WOOLWORTHS GROUP LIMITED 2021). The impact of COVID 19 on the company's share prices from 2020 until now has been revealed by ASX (WOWs) (Parliament of Australia, 2020).

Political factors are essential to consider when evaluating the factors that may have an influence on Woolworths Limited's long-time viability in each country or market. Woolworths Limited works in the Food & Staples Retailing industry in more than a dozen countries, revealing it to a range of political risks (Knight, 2021). To succeed in such a vibrant Food & Staples Retailing industry across several countries, it is vital to expand the systemic risks of the political atmosphere. Woolworths Limited may carefully consider factors such as the importance of the food and staples retailing business in the country's economy, political stability, the threat of military invasion, levels of corruption, chiefly in the Food and Staples Retailing industry, government administration, and involvement in the food and staples retailing industry before entering or investing in a market. Woolworths also takes care of contract execution legal framework, intellectual property protection, food and Staples Retailing Trade Regulations and Tariffs, preferred corporate associates, antitrust laws about food and staples retailing, rates of taxation and incentives, wage legislature, such as the minimum remuneration and overtime pay, food and Staples Retailing Workweek Regulations, and employee perks that are required (Macau, 2022).

Despite government interference in free markets and the food and staples sector of the economy, various economic views are blooming, allowing Woolworths to develop profitably. Australia and New Zealand are both economically stable, with a good quality of living, which helps the company's retail sales accelerate. According to the World Economic Outlook 2018 of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Australia's GDP is among the top twenty in the world, representing considerable growth potential for merchants (Hobbs, 2021). Customers prefer organic products provided by retailers with a green tag. Sociocultural Environment – People of all demographic levels prefer firms that offer environmentally friendly products and services, and many customers choose organic products provided by retailers with a green tag. Woolworths recognises this trend and is dedicated to supplying 'green' items while also being a leader in fostering a better standard of living (Sallis, Owen and Fisher 2015). Woolworths has recognized various sustainability programmes and efforts all over the years to deal with variations in the socio-cultural environment, including its sustainability plan 2007-15 (Kaye and Sridharan, 2022).

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